What we’re all about

The Ironbridge Catering Company is a Shropshire Catering & Barbeque business with international experience. It was created by two Catering professionals with over 50 years combined experience that live near Telford, Shropshire.


“We want to put our relationship with you before profit.”

I doubt very much you’ll hear that statement said very often, but we take it seriously. When it comes to catering for your friends and family, especially weddings, we want to put your mind at ease, that when we offer you advise and menu selections,it’s you we’re thinking of.

Sure, we can dictate set menus, time and style of service, but it’s your day and we’re hired to help make it as stress free as possible at a price you can afford.

We came across the BBQ being sold and after wanting one for about 10 years, I persuaded my wife that not only wasn’t is very big (I was wrong, it’s huge), it’s quite close to drive and pick it up (420 mile round trip with 2 potty training children) and my car was able to pull it (broke down twice on the way home), I was allowed to buy it.

I used it for 2 years for some fantastic home parties before putting a redundancy payoff to great use and set the company up. The rest, as they say, is history

 Our fresh meat supplier:- Buttercross farm


All our Pork products are sourced from Buttercross Free Range farm.

Martyn and Helen Rowley who run Buttercross are committed to providing the best quality of meat and to exacting standards of high animal welfare.

They have been breeding and rearing free-range pigs on the farm for over fifteen years and are immensely proud of their high welfare animal management. All their pigs live in social groups in large grassy paddocks with straw filled arcs and ad-lib feed – they are able to enjoy natural free movement and engage in completely normal pig behaviour!! This certainly isn’t the cheapest way of buying Pork – (such an active lifestyle uses up a lot more food!) – but the exercise and stress free lifestyle is rewarded with an unsurpassed taste and the knowledge that our pigs have enjoyed a happy life!